Sarah – Pianist/Soloist


Sarah is a classically trained pianist and cellist, who’s passion for music truly shines through where ever she performs. Whether it’s a wedding, party or restaurant, Sarah is undoubtedly the full package, as together with her vocals, she is able to create the perfect mood to tailor any event.


I am a singer and pianist living in West Yorkshire. I specialize in performing classy covers of pop and soul songs to create a warm, feel-good atmosphere. I am capable of transitioning seamlessly between pieces to maintain a continuous musical backdrop. I love playing acoustically (without a microphone or speakers) in intimate settings, but also have a keyboard and PA to bring to venues without an in-house piano.

I am classically trained on the piano (and ‘cello) to grade 8 and throughout school performed regularly as a soloist, accompanist, choral singer and ensemble instrumentalist. At university, I continued to pursue music alongside my studies by taking part in productions, singing in live lounge events and directing a university a Capella choir. I also began experimenting with song writing and composing solo piano pieces.

Since I began performing professionally, I have been booked to play at weddings, private parties, charity events, in restaurants, pubs and care homes. I continue to take vocal coaching to further improve my singing abilities and I am constantly expanding and adapting my repertoire to become a more versatile performer.

Outside music I dance and teach Rueda de Casino (often referred to as Cuban salsa) at Tiempo Espana Dance Academy. I have travelled within the UK and abroad to attend workshops and festivals to learn more and to dance socially. I also enjoy dancing Bachata, playing tennis, reading novels (anything from Agatha Christie to F. Scott Fitzgerald to Terry Pratchett) and going for long walks in the countryside.

5 words to describe myself:

  • Optimistic
  • Intelligent
  • Warm
  • Imaginitive
  • Reliable