Matt – Soloist/Duo

Matt – Soloist/Duo


A showcase of musical talent, Matt is a “One Man Band” who can sing, play guitar and loop all day long, allowing him to create an entire song from scratch that will impress you all. With a touch of blues and real rawness, prepare to be amazed and if you wanted to add an extra bit of “Ooh lala”, he’s always available as a duo.


My main instruments are guitar and vocals and I taught myself to play guitar when I was 15 and eventually went on to study music production at the Leeds. Since then I have played guitar in a variety of bands from heavy rock to hip-hop and have toured the US extensively as a session guitarist. Over the past year I have been developing a solo acoustic set designed to please a range of ages and tastes for different occasions.

I’m a big fan of photography, cinema, books, art and of course love supporting live music whenever I can.

Style of music and genres played: pop, rock, soul, reggae, R’n’B