Marcus – Soloist/Duo

Marcus – Soloist/Duo


You want a party, well look no further as Marcus is your guy. Covering a wide range of classic hits, pop and many of today’s current artists, Marcus will keep you singing and dancing, all night long. A fantastic musician, who will give you the party of your life.


I’ve always tried to stick to an upbeat, fun vibe because that’s what I can relate to the most and it cheers people up but I do enjoy throwing in the odd slow and relaxed song as well. After starting a music production masters, I’m about to record some more of my own original music but I do continue to follow popular trends and see what’s getting through to people, as the industry is constantly changing and so do peoples likes and dislikes.

I generally perform rhythmic and re-imagined versions of popular covers but I do also play some RnB classics that people know. I listen to a lot of chart music but I’m mainly into artists like Ed Sheeran and James Bay but I also listen to quite a lot of indie bands, anything from the Arctic Monkeys to the 1975 and I try and mix in a bit of Kings of Leon when I can to keep it interesting for myself.  The RnB stuff can be really fun though and I think people don’t expect a boy with a guitar to get up and start singing Destiny’s Child & TLC but that’s another branch of what I’m in to, so it’s nice seeing a positive reaction from that.

I’ve been performing acoustic music for about 7 years now. I started off just busking for fun but then people started to stop whilst I was playing and then asking me to play at their parties and events, as they liked how I interpreted their favorite songs and make them my own.