Laura – Duo/Trio


Laura is a Leeds-based singer but also splits her time between Leeds and London for work purposes. She’s a fantastic vocalist, with a background in Theatre as well. Laura can be available for any event, whether it be a wedding or birthdays & will also suit any restaurant, bar or hotel requiring live music.


My acoustic duo has been going for about 7 years now, performing at both public and private events, alternating between pianist and guitarist.

As a musician & since leaving school, I have done session vocals for the likes of Donny Osmond, Geri Halliwell, Peter Kay to name a few, been a singer in many function bands & gospel choirs, as well as the duo and has toured in the theatre show, The Chicago Blues Brothers for 2 years.

My duo like to play songs from the 60’s to present day in our own acoustic style. I also work alongside 3 guitarists that are all involved individually in the duo, all of whom I have been friends with for many years & who are extremely talented. I spend half my time in Leeds and half my time in London & although I enjoy both equally, they are complete polar opposites! Leeds is my home & is quiet where as London is constantly busy and never stops!