Josh – Soloist

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Josh’s soft, subtle and poetic voice makes him the ideal musician for walking down the aisle or sitting back, relaxing and enjoying a night of live music. His singing comes from the heart and you can tell every time he plays.


I am a guitar vocalist and songwriter and I have been performing for just over 6 years as a solo artist, which has allowed me to travel across the UK and perform in many venues at several different events across the country. Since becoming a solo artist, I feel that it has not only helped me perform better as a musician but it has also allowed me to develop as a strong confident performer and use more equipment, such as a loop pedal if required for the more upbeat and lively songs.

My career started as a holiday park presenter and male vocalist, which gave me the idea to then develop my song writing skills, as well as performing on a regular basis. I now try my best to perform every night, if not at least 3 times a week, to a mixed ratio of audiences with my music ranging anywhere from chilled background to cheerful party.

As a solo musician, I enjoy performing to all age groups and playing all different genres of music but if I had a preference, I do prefer acoustic and mellow music, however I do really love to play with other bands and musicians for a change of sound. I regularly attend other musician’s gigs as I enjoy listening and watching other people as I appreciate the other genres of music that are around.

I have a huge passion for writing and often find myself writing a new song or melody on the guitar or piano. Some of them are keepers & some are left in the cupboard as all musicians tend to have a songwriter closet for a later date. I also really enjoy creative art and photography, I enjoy going to events and also creating art myself for personal use and photographing locations that inspire me.