Jemma – Soloist

Jemma – Soloist


A sweet, delicate and charming voice, makes Jemma a delight to listen to. Everywhere she performs, she always leaves the audience in ore of her, with that feeling of calmness and peace. She is ideal for weddings and any venue wanting to create a chilled out and relaxed vibe.


When I moved to Leeds to study music, I started to upload my songs and covers onto my YouTube channel. I wanted to be creative with the covers I uploaded so instead of picking my own songs, I asked my followers to suggest songs for me to perform. I soon realized that this is where my passion lies, as by doing this, I pushed my boundaries both as a songwriter and a performer. Now with almost 50,000 subscribers and over 4 million views, growing my channel has been one of the most exciting experiences I’ve had to date so far. I’ve built a good and strong relationship with my followers from all over the world and they have helped me to grow and flourish as an artist. Now, I integrate these covers into my set list with the aim of continuing to share these songs in a live environment and hoping that the public continue to like what I do.

I began performing live when I was just 15 years old, back in my home town where I would share my own original music and any other songs that were inspiring me at the time.

I love taking a day out and driving to somewhere completely new, going on a long walk or just sitting on the beach with an ice cream. Some of my favourite memories have been doing just that and I am looking forward to the next adventure!