Imi and Adam – Duo


A delightful duo, who’s unique sounds fit any wedding reception, baby shower, restaurant or bar. Imi and Adam are the perfect combination, with her sweet and beautiful tone, complementing Adams fantastic guitar playing.

Imi and Adam

We are both part of a Leeds-based dream pop band and have played alongside the likes of Her Name Is Calla, Misty Miller, Vision Fortune, Cosmo Sheldrake and Charlie Barnes at a range of prestigious venues in and around Leeds. We have been invited to perform at many events, such as the Annual Gala Concert and any opportunity we get, we take up . Our music covers many styles and genres but when gigging we mainly do pop classics from several different decades.

Individually, I (Imi) was invited to play at the Steinway Hall in London and have taken part in a Sony Showcase. I have also toured around various venues in Belgium and Paris, the most notable being Disneyland Paris (which was an amazing experience) Adam has a wealth of experience, having toured across the UK with various bands and being involved in several festivals including Carefully Planned and Strange Forms.

(Imi) Aside from music, I have a passion for art and Gothic architecture and a growing fascination for space and the seemingly endless possibilities of it. I’m a regular film watcher, some of my favourite films being High Fidelity, Only Lovers Left Alive, The Grand Budapest Hotel and the Christmas classic It’s A Wonderful Life.

(Adam) His main passion in life is music. He plays in three bands and one acoustic duo, covering a wide range of genres and styles. Aside from performing and songwriting Adam enjoys writing for his own blog, socializing, reading and discovering new bands locally or otherwise. Adam also has a keen interest in ancient history, particularly the Roman period.