Georgia – Soloist/Duo/Trio

Georgia – Soloist/Duo/Trio


Singer and songwriter Georgia has a beautiful country and pop style sound, that captivates her audiences at every event she plays. She not only performs for weddings, party’s and bars, but regularly gets booked for festivals, with REWIND being her biggest to date. She is a strong entertainer and loves performing wherever she goes.


I have been singing publicly now for at least 12 years & as a soloist for 6 years. I have played at many events and festivals, REWIND in South and Henley Festival being one of them & is the largest audience I have performed for.

My influences range from Country and folk artists like Joni Mitchell, Kacey Musgraves, First Aid Kit to artists like Billy Joel and James Brown. My original songs are now leaning towards more of a country sound, although my vocal is still very much British and as a style, I’ve been told I am similar to a female Ed Sheeran. When performing covers, I often try to keep it close to the original (with the exception of the change of key, if it is better suited) as for covers gigs, I feel people like to hear what they know. I do have a few songs in my set-list that I have rearranged a little, but what I play always depends on what kind of night or atmosphere there is in the room.

I have been singing from childhood and decided to teach myself guitar as accompaniment in the process. I am currently studying a degree in Songwriting, where I am fortunate enough to write, record and perform my own material.