Craig – Soloist/Duo/Trio


I started learning the guitar at 15 when Oasis were on the scene, with the help from my Dad who’s 6-string guitar skills are crazy-good and very inspiring to anyone wanting to learn! My music taste, however, is very broad so with that in mind, I’ve been able to incorporate lots of different styles/genres into my day to day set lists and I am always happy to mix-up, mash-up or medley-up wherever possible.

Before I really put all my focus into my music, I trained to be an actor but somehow singing slowly took over as my main passion and I decided to make a career out of it. After moving to Leeds I played at many open mic nights, started gigging a little more and self produced my own original album in 2010. I’ve also been a regional finalist for Live & Unsigned and I was also the runner up in the pop category for the Music Crowns competition in 2010, which was not only an achievement for myself but such a wonderful and great experience.

In the past few years I’ve been a regular fixture at many of Leeds vibrant venues, such as Sky Lounge and Clayton’s and I now play all over at many weddings, party’s, events etc which fit perfectly round my gigs in Leeds.

What can I say….I like life and I like to live it!

Other than music I also love travel, food, good friends, meeting new friends, social, film, theatre, TV (good TV, not soaps or reality shows, with the exception of the Great British Bake-off!)), photography, nature, anything creative and anything inspiring really as it’s what life is all about.

5 words to describe myself:

  • Fun
  • Colorful
  • Interactive
  • Outgoing
  • Grounded